The Thought of Her

One drink, is but just a drink.  So easy to accept, so easy to refuse.  But for a recovering addict it may be the straw that breaks his back.  One sip is followed by a whirl into the darkness, the unknown.  The All too known.  That steep abyss.  a drop really is all it takes to destroy, in an instant, all that he has built and reconstructed over a year or years.

Her voice on the other end of the line is that drop… her innocent giggle brings him to tears.  beautiful memories rush by…. good and bad….

One drink he says won’t do anything…. I can control it, he deludes himself,   but one drink is all it takes…. one sip, just the smell really… he’s in deep shit…. and he knows it. but stop himself, that he can not do… does not have the power or the will…. just the thought of her.



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